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A Lack of Compassion in the Disability System

Is the disability system operated by the U.S. Federal government a fair and compassionate one?.Well, the simple truth is, the disability system that is set up to help you when you are most in need.

rarely does that. Yes, you may eventually win your social security disability benefits, but the chances are good that you won't receive a cent until you've lost your home, your savings, your health insurance (and access to medications and medical treatment), and, to add insult to injury, a fair portion of your dignity as well.From the very start of the process, to the very end, individuals who are approved for either social security disability or ssi benefits may have to endure a process that can last as long as three years.

Sound ridiculous? No doubt, it is, and quite dispassionate as well. Individuals who apply for disability benefits typically are between a rock and a hard place. They are unable to go to work and every day without income is a day they come closer to not having a home in which to live.But despite such awful scenarios, the social security disability system is not geared to even take into consideration such emergency situations. If you are about to lose your home, or your health insurance, it may have little impact on how long it takes to process your claim.

Here's a couple of useful tips, though: if you find yourself in the position of having to apply for ssd or ssi disability benefits, keep in mind that the process will be very long. This way, you can make better financial decisions. The second tip is this: make sure you keep up to date with your medical treatment since that is what a decision on your claim will be based on. Even if you don't have medical health insurance any longer, try to be seen at a free clinic or county health department.

Always keep in mind that if you haven't been seen by a doctor recently, it will be extremely difficult for an approval to be made on your behalf.Following just a few simple tips like these can often have the effect of making the disability process a bit less harsh, and, in some cases, more endurable. Of course, if your case winds up at a hearing before a federal judge, always make sure you have a qualified attorney at your side.

.The author of this article is Timothy Moore, who, in addition to being a former food stamp caseworker, medicaid caseworker and AFDC caseworker, is a former disability claims examiner. He publishes a helpful FAQ on the disability process at http://www.


By: Timothy Moore

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