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Police officers encounter problems in the course of their employment. Unfortunately, there exists a large number of agencies that do not provide the proper and needed assistance. Some agencies do provide same, but unfortunately in many instances, the assistance is less than adequate at best.

This page is presented as an assistance tool for officers and their families that encounter such problems as anxiety, depression, stress and post traumatic stress disorder.

Police dispatchers are by no means exempt from the same disorders as police officers. Dispatchers commonly are under an extreme amount of stress during the daily course of their duties. They are as much involved in any critical incident as the police officer but they are helpless when it comes to what transpires at an incident scene. This has a tendency to weigh heavily on them and after repeated exposure, can cause the same mental health issues. Something that is generally overlooked and not attended to until it's too late.

It goes without saying that police officers routinely deal with the worst that society has to offer and a criminal justice system that (although it is one of the best in the world) offers more protection to the offender than it does to the victims and the enforcement officers themselves. This can and does lead to problems such as are described in this web site, leaving the police officer with the feeling that they have little or no control over the criminal element.

Police officers in general are taught to be strong and to be able to handle any situation that might be thrust at them. If an officer shows signs of depression, stress or anxiety, he or she believes that others will think upon them as weak or ineffective in their duties. This is far from reality. Police officers are human and are just as susceptible, if not more so, to mental disorders as the rest of society.

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