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Tips For Emotional Health

Make you a priority. Take time to relax, exercise, eat well, spend time with people you enjoy and participate in activities which you find pleasurable. Choose to find the positives in life experiences instead of focusing on the negatives. Even difficult or unpleasant experiences offer opportunities for personal understanding and growth.

Let go of the past. If you can’t change it and you have no control over it then let it go. Don’t waste your energy on things that cannot benefit you or anyone else.

Be respectful and responsible. Do what you know is right. Don’t get caught up in blaming others for problems.

Acknowledge and take credit for your successes and accomplishments. Avoid false modesty.

Take the time to develop one or two close relationships with people from work and people not from work. In a close relationship you can be honest about your thoughts and feelings.

Talk positively to yourself (not out loud). We talk to ourselves all day long. If we are saying negative and fearful things then that is the way we feel.

Remove yourself from hurtful or damaging situations whenever possible. Temporarily walk away from a situation that is getting out of control. Give yourself some space and problem solve a positive approach to dealing with it.

Accept that life is about choices. You will always have change and new decisions to make.

Have a plan for the future. Develop long range goals for yourself and revise your plan periodically, then, work towards your goals one day at a time.

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