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Tips for time management

Better time management helps reduce stress and enriches your work and personal life.

  1. Do not underestimate how much time is needed for various tasks.
    Be realistic!

  2. Practice saying the word “NO” when possible to additional responsibilities that infringe on personal, leisure or work time.

  3. Set priorities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

  4. Be aware of your peak energy periods and plan to do the activities with the highest energy demand at that time.

  5. Review the best use of your time on a regular basis.

  6. Complete tasks well enough to get the results that you really need. Perfection is not always necessary.

  7. Delegate tasks and responsibilities to others whenever appropriate. Just be sure to communicate your expectations clearly.

  8. Make decisions and move on. Usually rethinking a decision leads to the same result and wastes time.

  9. Break big overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks then get started.

  10. Use “waiting” time by having small tasks or activities on hand. Also be prepared to take advantage of potential relaxation time when unexpected time becomes available.

  11. Take responsibility whenever possible for creating a conducive work environment at home and at the office.

  12. Set goals and reward yourself when you have accomplished each goal. If you are working towards a big goal you may want to build in rewards at certain milestones of effort and accomplishment as a reinforcer.

  13. Good time management means more than completing “necessary” tasks.
    It means building time for leisure activities and exercise.

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