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Accidents at Work

Health and Safety is more commonly overlooked than it should be. Although when starting a new job it is the duty of your employer to make you aware of health and safety, with a legal obligation to do so, this is more than usually done through watching short films about what to do in an emergency and being told where the nearest fire points are, but how many of us would actually know what to do if a situation like those seen in the films happened in real life? Injuries in the work place are common and make up a large majority of the personal injury claims that are made. Employer's have to make sure the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

Some steps taken to maintain this are to provide protective clothing where necessary, assess the risks that might be involved in work practices such as using a computer, provide adequate first aid equipment and facilities and keeping dust, fumes and noise under control. Although it is the job of an employer to make you aware of potential risks and that you understand procedures that need to be followed in order to carry out practises in a safe manner, you as an employee must cooperate with the health and safety guidelines in order to keep the workplace safe. When an accident does occur at work there is a legal obligation that it has to be reported to your employer as soon as possible.

The accident will be noted in what is called the Accident Book, most if not all workplaces should have one of these and if they don't, it is advised that you note details of the accident down, making two copies, one for you and one for your boss. If you fail to report details of the accident and later decide to claim for compensation, your claim will be unfounded and dismissed. Another piece of advice for people who wish to make a claim after a work related accident is to make an appointment with a doctor so your injuries can be professionally assessed. Even if your injuries seem very minor it is still a good idea as you will have a medical record of exactly what happened, which, in some cases could make or break a compensation claim. Accidents at work that cause personal injury can entitle you to compensation through a no win no fee claim.

Most accident claims companies work on a no win no fee basis and it's never been easier to claim. With trained advisors and professional help at your fingertips, you will be told straight away whether your case has the potential to win. There are many accidents at work that often go overlooked, these accidents are ones that don't cause injury but come extremely close to doing so. A few examples of these are an electrical short circuit or overload causing a fire or explosion, failure of lifts and or lifting equipment and also equipment coming into contact with overheated power lines.

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