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Accidents in Public

Accidents in Public is a broad term and if misunderstood could mean members of the public are missing out on up to thousands of pounds worth of money every year. A recent case would be that of a lady from Essex who was recently awarded 3,710 in compensation following a fall in Tesco. Water had leaked out onto the floor from a nearby refrigerator, causing the lady to slip and fall resulting in 27 injuries to her lower back. There are many cases such as this one each year, with most people involved not knowing that they have the right to claim compensation, often leaving them out of pocket due to the fact they are left unable to work for a period of time. Thousands of people across the UK experience these types of common accidents each year. Personal Injuries range from things such as whiplash, broken bones and crushed limbs.

There are a number of aspects in our everyday lives that can potentially cause such injuries, a wet floor surface, uneven pavements, footpaths, obstructions left on the floor, trips and falls in public buildings i.e. shops, sports centres or restaurants and car accidents being the number one cause of whiplash. Back in 2002 a man from Chesterfield won a personal injury claim after he was bitten by a dog. The 55 year old sustained severe dog bites to his upper right arm which, resulted in him having to undergo surgery to his arm. He was awarded 3,500 in compensation.

Every year there are thousands of accidents in public places that are not your fault. It could happen whilst out walking for example in a residential ares; a trip/slip on uneven pavements, potholes and road works can cause serious personal injury. While out at the supermarket, restaurant or even the bank you could fall on obstacles or spill on a spillage.

Accidents can happen where ever you are, such as a public event due to a lack of safety measures or bad management. If you sustain a personal injury whilst out in a public place, you are most likely to be entitled to compensation. A no win no fee claim could reward you with the compensation that you deserve. No win no fee claims mean if your case is successful you keep all of the money you are rewarded, with the cost owing to your solicitor being paid from the other side.

If however your case is unsuccessful you have no fees to pay, meaning if you opt to go for a no win no fee claim you aren't losing out. Lawyers/solicitors are here to help you through all of you're claim, offering professional advice. Your claim starts as soon as you pick up the phone, with your chosen professional team being able to tell you if you have a chance of success.

Most cases are settled before the need to go to court, making the process as simple as possible and keeping you in the know from start to finish.

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