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Arizona DUI Arrests

"Driving Under the Influence" or drunk driving is a punishable offence. The driver is arrested by police officers and taken into custody. It is not necessary to handcuff or restrict the physical movements of the suspect.

An arrest can be executed by merely informing the suspect of the process.The police officer makes the decision to arrest the suspect based on certain facts and evidence indicating the individual's involvement in the crime. The DUI arrests in Arizona can be affected based on two identified causes: an impaired driving ability as a result of intoxication due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or more. Charges are serious if the blood alcohol level is detected to be more than 0.

15%. If the driving ability is found to be impaired due to the influence of a drug, it results in conviction irrespective of the fact that it is a legally recommended medication.In Arizona, DUI arrests are considered a misdemeanor if a person is accused two or more times in the span of five years prior to the current offence. However, a far more serious note is taken if the offence is during the suspension or cancellation of the driving rights or if a child below the age of fifteen is in the car. Punishments depend on the seriousness of charges and the defendant's criminal record.

The amount payable as a fine depends on the number of crimes recorded against the individual and the percentage of alcohol detected in the person. In the first instance of DUI (below or above 0.15% BAL), a fine of $250.00 is imposed and subsequently (when BAL is above 0.

15%), it is increased to $500.00. A third-time offense within five years fetches $1,000 to $10,000 as fine.There are ways to decrease the charges; however the best way to avoid them is to simply not mix drinks with driving.

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By: Alison Cole

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