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Attorneys Always Looking for the Next Pigeon

Lawyers they are everywhere, screwing over everyone. Raping and stealing from society and in fact always looking for their next pigeon and easy target, sometimes they do not have very far to look at all. Such parasites of the planet are a known fact and these plagues of the Earth are licensed and ready to wreak havoc on our civilization.

Recently a Southern California Lawyer was arrested by animal control officers after raiding his mansion in the hills, a mansion paid for from his ill gotten gains of terrorism on our society; it turns out he was caught operating on a pigeon after sedating it with expensive Vodka. Later animal control found about 300 living pigeons and dead ones in living in horrific and filthy cages. Was this attorney trying to make Bird Flu? Over 120 dead pigeons were found in bags and boxes, some in pet carriers around the house.

May looked perfectly healthy except for the fact that they were dead. Lawyers murdering thier pigeons?.Is there no end to what Attorneys will do when they cannot find pigeons like you and I to try to steal from? Can you believe the tenacity of Lawyers to do whatever it takes to find more pigeons to choke to death; why do we even allow such scoundrels in our society?.

Do we really want to allow Lawyers to move from stealing and raping our Nation to purveyors of bird flu? Maybe Bird Flu is coming, via your neighborhood attorney? All attorneys must be under complete surveillance, as this appears to be a warning of their motives to kill us all, if this is true Lawyers are bad news for America. Think on it.

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By: Lance Winslow

Law Enforcement

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