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Attorneys Are They Sexual Predators

Are all attorneys sexual predators? No, in fact not all of them are. There are Lawyers out there that do not sexually terrorize young children. Recently a Long Island New York attorney was caught and captures like several other attorneys have been previously. He was Queens based lawyer at age 46, name was Thomas Sheehan; it appears this gentleman if you wish to call him that, was using the web to lure young girls to meet with him.

He tried to seduce many, but ended up seducing two fourteen year old girls who were undercover cops.The cops were from different departments, one was from New York City Police Department and another was from Nassau County. Both investigators had be corresponding with Sheehan posing as 14-year old girls. Sheehan arranged to meet with them on the Internet to have sex.

He sent them photos of himself naked to the detectives and he is being charged with that too, as well as attempting to commit a criminal sexual act. Of course he got out on bail and is roaming the street along with many other attorneys out there, still practicing law by day.Lawyers and Attorneys do so much for America as they help uphold the laws. Apparently this attorney wanted to hold up a young girls dress as well? Perhaps we need to work harder on getting these sorts of people off the street and where they belong; in a new gated community with armed guards and roommates like Bubba? Think on it.

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By: Lance Winslow

Law Enforcement

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