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Bail Bonds Just Like Real Cash

Life can be special, especially if you're living the life you dreamed of. Everyone wants to have a long and fulfilling life. Everyday you would like to experience something new.

Something that makes today better then yesterday and tomorrow better then today, but, life isn't perfect and you shouldn't expect it to be. You grew up in this world, by the time you reach adulthood, you should know that there will be bad days. Hopefully you have enough maturity and it helps you overcome the trials and tribulations of life, but for some people, life can become a nightmare.There are so many things you can do in your life, but you need to be smart. There are rules you must live by and if you chose to break those rules, then you may have to pay the consequences.

The biggest consequence you could pay, is to be arrested. If your actions aren't considered major, then you'll probably get to go home, but if you committed, or you're arrested on the suspicion of committing a serious crime, then you're going to jail.How long will you stay in jail? Well, that depends on what you did. If your crime was so heinous, then the court may decide to keep you in jail until your trial. But if the court decides your crime doesn't require you to stay in jail, the court will give you bail. What is bail? Bail is a fee the court charges you, to make sure you will appear in court.

You only have to pay a percentage of the bail amount. If you appear in court, then your bail money will be returned, but if you don't, then the money will be forfeited over to the court.If you have a lot of money, then making bail won't be a problem, but most people don't have that amount of money easily available to them. If you don't have the money and you can't find a relative who has, then your best chance of making bail, is with a bond. The bail bond, just like cash, is issued as a guarantee that you will appear in court. You can get a bail bond from a bail agent.

The agent will usually charge around 10% of the bond amount. The bail bond is a contract and you will need someone to co-sign the contract. The bail bond, just like cash, will be forfeited if you don't appear in court. But the major difference is, if you forfeit your bond, the person who co-signed for your bond will still be liable for paying off your bond.Bail bonds are a good tool within the court system.

It allows people with low incomes, to be able to acquire some of the same rights, as people with high incomes. But bail bonds are also a business and the fees can get steep, depending on the length of the bond. Of course, the best thing for people to do, would be to live their lives within the law and never have to worry about whether they can or can't make bail.

.Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Bail Bonds.

By: Michael Russell

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