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Case Study Our Constitution and Illegal Immigration

In the United States of America Constitution guarantees that the United States government will protect the states all our republic from foreign invaders. In the case of illegal immigration these people have been invaded our states by crossing the U.S. Southern borders in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Illegal immigration is illegal and if you do not think that these illegal immigrants are invaders let me give you a few statistics.Over 50 California hospitals closed because they could not turn a profit due to the fact that they are giving free services to illegal immigrants and they could no longer stay in business. In fact some of these hospitals were delivering more babies of illegal immigrants then U.S. citizen paying customers.

Once these anchor babies were born they automatically became U.S. citizens and therefore needed a parent or guardian from their family to take care of them and the babies could not be deported, thus granting permission for the illegal alien mother and or other family member to become a citizen also.Many illegal immigrants put their kids in U.

S. schools that are paid for by the U.S.

taxpayer entities illegal immigrants demand their kids be taught in Spanish not in English and this costs school districts millions of dollars and takes away monies from classrooms, staff and teachers, who already have a fairy high attrition rate due to pay scales.These illegal immigrants are invaders who carry Mexican Flags in protests on the streets, which are paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

Many of these invaders are filling up our federal prisons. In fact 30% of the violent criminals in Federal Prisons are illegal aliens and the Arizona State prison system as 38 percent illegal aliens. That is to say illegal aliens that are not schools to be here the first place and again costing taxpayers millions of dollars.We could better spend this money giving scholarships to U.S. citizens to go to college.

It costs seven times as much to put in illegal alien prison as it does to send and reward a good student with a scholarship. The congressman and senators who conveniently when on vacation during the heated debate over illegal aliens and illegal immigration have failed to uphold the U.S. Constitution to protect our borders from foreign invaders. Consider this in 2006 and we could no longer put up with this bologna.

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By: Lance Winslow

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