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Crib Recall Largest in US History

Nearly 1 million cribs were recalled by cribmaker Simplicity Incoporated due to the link of at least three children.The U.S.

government recalled the cribs in what was the largest crib recall in U.S. history. The cribs had a drop rail that created a dangerous gap for which a child could easily fall out of. On September 21 2007, following a Chicago Tribune investigation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall of cribs sold under both the Simplicity and Graco name. It is the largest recall of full-size cribs since the agency was created in the 1970s.

The agency initially said it was aware of two deaths in Simplicity-manufactured cribs with older style hardware where the drop-side was installed upside down. In Georgia, one of the children who lost their life because of the defective crib was only 6-months-old; the other was a 9-month-old named Liam Johns. After more investigation, it became apparent that a third child had had died as a result of an accident involving the poorly designed cribs. Because of the nature of the recall, parents have been warned by the CPSC to check their cribs and to contact Simplicity via telephone (888-593-9274) or Web (www.simplicityforchildren.com) to obtain a repair kit with new hardware.

If the crib already has the newer hardware consumers should still check the crib's drop rail to ensure it is assembled right-side up. There are several models that are part of the recall that were manufactured by Simplicity Inc., cribs recalled have either the Simplicity or Graco names. The models recalled include: * Simplicity Branded Models : . Aspen 3 in 1 . Aspen 4 in 1 .

Nursery-in-a-Box . Crib N Changer Combo . Chelsea . Pooh 4 in 1 . Graco Branded Models: .

Aspen 3 in 1 . Ultra 3 in 1 . Ultra 4 in 1 . Ultra 5 in 1 .

Whitney . Trio After the initial recall, the crib recall caused more uproar, as a U.S. congressman demanded to know why the CPSC had delayed so long in ordering the recall, given that the first incident involving the unsafe cribs may have occurred as early as 2004. Sen.

Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) asked the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to explain why the agency took more than two years and the deaths of three infants before it recalled 1 million cribs for design and hardware flaws. The investigation into the CPCS's response remains underway.

Given the seriousness of the recall, many parents immediately followed the instructions from the CPSC to contact Simplicity Inc. gathering new hardware. The CPSC also stated that parents should not allow children to sleep in the recalled cribs for "even one more night.

" However, in the weeks following the recall, it has become apparent that Simplicity may not be providing parents with the proper resources to ensure their cribs are safe. Parents who are calling Simplicity, Inc. as instructed, to order a repair kit for the recalled cribs are finding those kits are not so easy to come by. In fact, Simplicity does not even have the repair kits ready.

More than two weeks after the recall notice went out, Simplicity is telling anxious parents that it could be three to four weeks before they get a repair kit to fix the cribs' defects. Prior to the designing and manufacturing of the kits was when the CPSC gave the company permission to issue the recall. The CPSC said this was necessary because of the immediate danger posed by the hazardous cribs. However, although the kits aren't available, parents are still requesting them to be shipped overnight in order to repair the cribs, but parents aren't being told about the kits unavailability. Rather, Simplicity is sending out replacement parts that don't even include installation instructions.

It has also been discovered that the CPSC may not have even approved the overnight repair kits and parts. It is advisable and warrented that if an indivudal has been adversely affected by the Simplicity or Graco cribs to contact an experienced law firm to learn how to get compensation on the pain and suffering endured through the faulty cribs.

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