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Do You Believe

Okay, so it's not really an article, but it's something that
snuck into my brain in the middle of the night. I had to
write it down to get some sleep! I do believe it's true.
And I do believe I can!

Internet Marketing is a tough job;
you must be inventive to beat the mob.
Just sending out those tired old ads
will only make all your readers mad.

Write those ads in your own words.
They'll be more likely to be heard.

"I can't write," I hear the man.
Yes, you can? if you believe you can!

You want your business to succeed.
To the advice from experts take heed.
Advertising is a numbers game.
You must work hard to gain your fame.

You have to do something every day.
Fall behind and you're going to pay.
Decide your tasks and create a plan.
You can do it if you believe you can!

"I can't do it" I hear you wail.

If you don't try, you're sure to fail.
Give it your best and you'll do well.
Come on, get to it?give 'em ----!

So create that web site, do it now!
Read more articles, you will learn how.

"Too hard!" you think, to take a stand?
You decide?do you believe you can? . ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Jude Wright loves the Internet and all it's possibilities. Please visit her new web site at http://www.aboutaffiliates.com
. .

By: Jude Wright

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