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Florida DUI Penalties

In the state of Florida, road accidents are on the rise due to driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Authorities have done their best to try and curb the problem, and it seems that with the introduction and enforcing of heavy, stiff penalties ? there is hope that DUI might be on the downswing.Under regular circumstances, any person caught driving a vehicle with a 0.08% alcohol present in his blood sample, urine or breath, is eligible to be booked under DUI.

In certain situations, there are drivers who might refuse to take a DUI test. These drivers may also be arrested with DUI charges and are punishable by Florida state law.An immediate penalty is usually $250 for a first time conviction. These fines can go up to $500. In more severe circumstances, if the person's blood sample indicates an alcohol level of 0.20 or above, fines can be extremely hefty, starting at $500 going up to $1000 or more.

Laws are more stringent and penalties more severe when the accused has been caught several times for DUI.In all DUI cases, community services are absolutely essential and involve alcohol-counseling classes. However, there have been thousands of offenders who have gone back to their old habits of getting drunk while driving, in spite of serving a community service sentence. This may sometimes lead to the question the feasibility of such community programs and services. Community services vary from person to person.

In all cases, if the person fails to serve the term, a fine of $10 for every hour missed must be paid.Jail terms are also part of DUI penalties and usually start with a six-month term. There are some DUI cases that may be categorized as vehicular homicide.

This involves passengers in the vehicle of the accused, other passengers in other vehicles or pedestrians who have been injured due to the drunk driver. In these cases, jail terms can top 30 years depending on the charges.Besides fines and jail sentences, the vehicle is promptly seized and may be kept in police custody for a long time. The driver's license may be confiscated for varied amounts of time. This may prove to be quite shattering to many who depend on their vehicles to get them back and forth to work, etc. There are some unethical and bold instances in which a driver, booked under DUI has actually driven a vehicle in spite of having his license confiscated.

If caught doing this, the ramifications are severe. DUI penalties are in general, very hefty, and in some cases, may even seem quite unjust. However, they are perhaps the only way of keeping reckless and drunk drivers in check.

.Florida DUI provides detailed information about Florida DUI, Florida DUI arrests, Florida DUI attorneys, Florida DUI laws and more. Florida DUI is the sister site of California DUI Lawyers Info.

By: Max Bellamy

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