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Follow The Money Behind Reject Referendum

New data on file with the state Public Disclosure Commission shows that the insurer-backed Consumers Against Higher Insurance Rates committee has raised $4.78 million for its no-on-Ref. 67 effort. The same group had collected signatures forcing the Legislature's action onto the Nov.

6 ballot. Of the donations, more than two-thirds, or roughly $3.4 million, comes from out of state, led by the $1.6 million given by Bloomington, Ill.-based State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.

NOW MY QUESTION IS THIS. You mean to tell me that out of state insurance companies are spending millions of dollars to fight a law because it will allow the industry to charge more for insurance? You mean the insurance industry is so concerned about saving Joe Public some money that its willing to spend millions of its own money to keep this from happening? GIVE ME A BREAK!! Even if Referendum 67 will cause higher insurance premiums, why would the insurance industry care?? It means more money in their pockets. The proponents of Referendum 67 are merely hired lobbyists and insurance company talking heads paid to fight this pro-consumer law. Nothing more.

People buy insurance, pay their premiums, and expect that insurance companies honor their commitment to policyholders. Referendum 67 simply requires the insurance industry to pay legitimate claims in a fair, reasonable, and timely manner. About Referendum 67 (description provided by the Approve 67 campaign) More than 4,100 consumers in Washington file complaints with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner against insurance companies every year because legitimate claims have been unfairly denied or delayed. Under our current law, there is no penalty for insurance companies that do not deal honestly with consumers. Unfortunately, some bad companies abuse the system by intentionally delaying or denying payment of legitimate claims.

If an insurance company unfairly denies a legitimate claim, your only recourse is to sue. But if you win, the only thing they have to pay is the amount of the original claim. Referendum 67 creates an incentive to treat legitimate claims fairly by allowing the court to assess penalties if an insurance company illegally denies or delays payment of a legitimate claim. Referendum 67 would help to ensure that the insurance industry honor their commitments to treat all policyholders honestly by making it against the law to unreasonably delay or deny legitimate claims.

Referendum 67 covers claims related to homeowner's insurance, auto insurance, long-term care insurance, property insurance and small business insurance.

www.Approve67.com www.InjuryTrialLawyer.com

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