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Franchise Attorney Very Well Known Dies

Recently a well-known Franchise Attorney Died. Now all the other franchise attorneys are falling all over themselves saying what a great guy he was? Yes, perhaps, but he was a lawyer. All lawyers steal from the productivity of the Nation and all franchise lawyers are a plague on the franchise model and industry. They say this lawyer was an intellectual. Indeed and maybe he was, but all lawyers live in a made up world of laws, which they and their law-making lawyer politician friends create; a little self-serving.So is an intellectual lawyer thinking on issues and laws, which are made up and how these might conflict really an intellectual? Oh, I suppose in a virtual world they could be.

You know like a punk teenager who listens to rap or techno music, while pounding the Twinkies between taking crystal meth and/or smoking pot and is busy learning all the rules in a video game and learning the best way to rack up the most points or in this case with lawyers fees. Are lawyers really intellectuals or are they criminals like international terrorists screwing over entrepreneurs and free enterprise like virus-ridden parasites? Personally the more lawyers who die the better for the franchise industry, the method in which they die, is irrelevant, they have been stealing from this industry long enough.I have not heard one non-lawyer say anything nice about this well-known lawyer who died, nor do I expect to.

There is no greater scum on the planet than lawyers, whether they be government lawyers, private practice lawyers or franchise lawyers. I hope they all burn in hell. This article is my opinion and therefore I am exercising my right to free speech for as long as that right lasts, as there are lawyers who want us to worship them and wish to take away even that right unless it happens to agree with their opinion.To the family of this dead franchise lawyer, he died for a noble and just cause, because now that he is dead he can no longer screw over franchisors or franchisees and that is best for the American People, as the best lawyer is one who is no longer breathing.

In his death he has greatly helped the free enterprise system and for that I wish to thank his family for their sacrifice. There are others who would rather he burn in hell for eternity, but that would not be the polite or political correct thing to say during your grieving process. Hopefully once you get this behind you, someone will sue your family so his ill-gotten gains will live again.

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By: Lance Winslow

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