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How Lawsuit Funding Litigation Financing is NoRisk Loan for Litigation Plaintiffs

Risk ? Free Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding for Litigation Plaintiffs Most of plaintiffs involved in lawsuits do not realize they can get legal cash advance before their case settles. A litigant waiting for a settlement or judgment from a lawsuit can qualify for a lawsuit funding or lawsuit loan, ranging from $250 to $1M for a personal injury or other individual case and up to $10M for a commercial case. It is called lawsuit funding or often referred as lawsuit loan, lawsuit financing, litigation financing, legal finance, pending lawsuit loan, lawsuit cash advance, litigation funding, lawsuit advance funding, personal injury lawsuit financing, legal financing and pre-settlement lawsuit funding. But in true sense, these are not loans because the money does not have to be paid back unless the case is won or settled.

This is non-recourse lawsuit cash advance, which you pay back to litigation financing company only if you win or settle the case. Since deep-pocket defendants can buy more and more time with legal ploys and delays, plaintiffs are often pressured financially. Because medical bills and other expenses like mortgage/ rent, car payments, children education expenses and other monthly bills, not to mention lost wages, add up to a budget stretched beyond its limits. This, in turn, can cause a lot of emotional and mental strain on the family or on their business. What your attorney needs, in order to get you the best settlement or fairest trial, is time.

Just as the defendants can buy time, so can you. Lawsuit funding or litigation financing, allow you to get relief from financial pressure so you do not have to settle your case simply because you need whatever money you can get now. If you are a plaintiff, involved in a lawsuit, you have a right to know about the safest, no-risk option available to get the money you need now to relieve financial pressures. What are the alternatives? People who need cash funds while waiting for a lawsuit to be resolved and a fair settlement to be paid have a few options, but some carry more risk than others. For Personal Injury and other Individual Cases: 1. You can use your own credit cards: This is an expensive alternative and can actually put you even more at risk if the lawsuit takes longer than you anticipate to be settled.

You still have to pay your monthly credit card bills. And you could wind up owing money you if you are not able to repay. But as mentioned earlier, lawsuit advance funding or lawsuit cash advance is a non-recourse lawsuit loan, which you pay back to litigation financing company only if you win or settle the case. 2. You can borrow money from friends or family: This also is high risk, especially if, you lose the lawsuit.

You will still owe your friends or family, and you may not have the money to pay them back. But that is not with lawsuit funding or legal cash advance as it is a non-recourse lawsuit loan. 3. You can take out a bank loan: Banks do not generally make loans against future lawsuit settlements, but may offer a personal line of credit to individuals, based on their financial situations and credit worthiness.

Often, lawsuit plaintiffs are not in a strong enough financial position to qualify for this type of signature loan. Even if you do qualify, you have to start paying back a bank loan right away and continue making payments until it is paid off, no matter when you receive your lawsuit settlement and even if you lose your case and receive no money. But this does not apply to pending lawsuit loan or lawsuit advance funding.

4. You can obtain a home equity loan or second mortgage: This option is extremely risky. If for some reason you do not win your case, you could lose your home.

But that is not the case with pending lawsuit loan or lawsuit advance funding. 5. In all cases where you have to qualify for personal financing based at least in part on your credit history, you must consider the possible consequences in the future.

But to obtain a pending lawsuit loan or litigation financing, you do not need good credit rating or employment. For Commercial Cases: 6. Your sources of financing might be even more limited than in personal cases since you may not want to support the business with personal funds. Business loans require credit and financial qualifications that your company may not be able to meet if you are involved in a lawsuit. But commercial lawsuit funding or business lawsuit loan can be obtained without the above mentioned qualifications.

Because pending lawsuit loan or lawsuit advance funding is based on the strength of lawsuit. Unfortunately, none of the options listed above solve your immediate financial problems without risk. In fact, each one could actually add to your financial burden and the emotional stress on your family. Advantage of Lawsuit funding or Litigation financing Program This total process is confidential, prompt and discreet: 1.

Making an application for lawsuit funding or pending lawsuit loan is free and there is no obligation. A good and reputed legal financing company should not charge any upfront fee or any application fee, processing fee or any monthly fee. 2. Plaintiff may have a bad or no credit.

No employment requirement is required to apply for a lawsuit loan or personal injury lawsuit financing. 3. Quick and thorough underwriting process to qualify client (some times in 6-8 hours). 4. If approved for lawsuit advance funding or lawsuit cash advance, funds are wired into your bank account, the same day. Of course, you can take a bank check also.

5. You can use the pre-settlement lawsuit funding or lawsuit loan in any way you like. This is your money.

6. Plaintiff payback upon successful settlement/verdict of case. 7.

If plaintiff loses case, plaintiff owes nothing to legal financing or lawsuit funding company. There is no reason to settle for less than your lawsuit case is worth. Eliminate the need to accept a minimal settlement amount due to personal financial pressures, and get the fair and just settlement you deserve.

Lawsuit funding or a lawsuit loan empowers plaintiffs to pursue their lawsuit cases in order to get the maximum settlements they deserve.

About the Author: Paul Sherman is a Legal Funding Consultant. He offers free, professional, and independent advice to plaintiffs involved in lawsuits (incl. business owners) & Attorneys. To apply for Lawsuit loan, Commercial Lawsuit funding, Law Firm loan, Attorney funding & Structured Settlement funding please visit: http://www.easylawsuitfunding.com

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