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How to Choose the Best Virginia Workers Compensation Attorney

After many years in the field I have the following suggestions for finding the Best Virginia Workers' Compensation Lawyer.First, check and see if the attorney lists himself or herself as a specialist in the Yellow Pages in Virginia Workers' Compensation Law.Second, check and see if the attorney has been rated by Martindale-Hubbell, an organization that rates attorneys according to how their peer groups have rated them. In their guide an "AV" rating is highest, the middle rating is "BV," and the lowest rating for attorneys just starting out is "CV.

" You should ask the attorney for his/her Martindale-Hubbell rating.Third, you should check the attorney's web site. Does the attorney hold himself/herself out as a specialist in Virginia workers' compensation law. Does he/she have helpful information about Virginia workers' compensation law on his/her web site?.Fourth, you should ask the attorney if he/she belongs to the Virginia Trial Lawyers' Subcommittee on workers' compensation.

Almost all attorneys who specialize in workers' compensation law in Virginia are members of this subcommittee.Fifth, check with the Virginia State Bar at (804) 775-0570 to find out if anyone has filed any complaints against the attorney.Sixth, you should ask the attorney for any brochures the attorney may have prepared about Virginia workers' compensation.Seventh, you can check with your friends, your relatives and your doctor for recommendations.These are my suggestions based on 30 years in the field.

This is how you find the Best Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyer.This may be considered AN ADVERTISEMENT or Advertising Material under the Rules of Professional Conduct governing lawyers in Virginia. This note is designed for general information only. The information presented in this note should not be construed as legal advice.

.Submitted by Jerry Lutkenhaus.

Please contact me at http://www.virginiadisabilitylawyer.com or you can reach me at http://www.geraldlutkenhaus.

com.I have been representing Workers Compensation claimants for 30 years in the Central Richmond Area in Virginia. Martindale Hubbell awarded me its highest rating of "AV" in 2003. In the July 1999 issue of Richmond Magazine I was recognized as the One of the Best Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Central Virginia.

By: Jerry Lutkenhaus

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