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Inventors versus Lawyers

Inventors versus lawyers - is it a fair game? May I ask you have you ever been in a game, which was controlled by someone else, who incidentally were allowed to make the rules and had been planned for years before you came along? And, who were paid handsomely for winning the game each time they played. When was the last time you played a game like that? Obviously, the deck would be stacked against you and if you were wise you would probably choose not to play. That is exactly what we have with regard to patent law in United States of America.

Can you believe it?.Here we sit in the greatest nation ever created in the history of all mankind and with the greatest asset that any nation has ever known; the entrepreneur, innovator and/or inventor. And what we do; we turned over to a bunch of scoundrels, parasites of productivity and thieves among men; lawyers. How could we do such a thing and disrespect all we are and all that we have built in such a way? Are we fools having been snookered by wordsmiths of the law?.Are we so utterly incompetent and so naive to believe that lawyers actually serve a purpose in our civilization and society? There is no greater way to dishonor our nation than to send your child to law school.

There is no other ultimate act of greed than to become a lawyer and steal from the productivity of the greatest nation ever built. I truly believe that if every lawyer in this nation died tomorrow that this would be the greatest era that United States of America has ever lived. Of course, that is just a dream.

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By: Lance Winslow

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