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Law Lemon Attorney

Buying a new car is a big step for most people. A great deal of thought and research probably went into the process before you even entered the car dealership. With the amount of models and options available to the consumer today, it's a wonder any of us can make a decision. But, you finally have and are the proud owner of a brand new car. Great! Everything's brand new, there's a warranty and everything should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Sounds good but, unfortunately, that isn't always the way it works out. For those unfortunate few, their new car will turn out to be a lemon. If you find yourself in this sinking ship, the best thing you can do for yourself is to consult with a law lemon attorney.Even though all fifty states now have some form of the lemon law on their books, the conditions and coverages for these laws do vary.

A law lemon attorney can help you sort through the particulars of the law for your state and will help you decide if you even have a case.If you do, there are steps that will need to be taken before you can apply for the lemon law and criteria that will need to be met once you do. These steps include getting documentation for each and every repair ever done on the car, keeping all your invoices and receipts for these repairs, and documenting any and all conversations regarding these repairs that you have with the dealership.

Most of the lemon laws require that your car be out of service for at least 30 days of the year to be eligible for coverage. Documentation will go a long way with helping to prove this. This can and will be a long and drawn out process and having a law lemon attorney may help to speed up the process a bit.Some dealerships may offer you the use of a law lemon attorney, but be wary of this.

These attorneys are not necessarily looking out for your best interests. Hire your own attorney. Many attorneys will offer you their services at no up front cost to you, only a percentage if you win your case.

Others may charge you, but if you win, the settlement may include your legal fees anyway. Ultimately, having an law lemon attorney is a win-win situation.

.By Ray Walker
Lemon Law Information.

By: Ray Walker

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