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Los Angeles Personal Injury Liability Insurance

Liability insurance defends a person or business from claims for damages by another entity. One can of course live without it in Los Angeles, but it is prudent to avail of this protection because it may turn out to be useful. The insurance company takes on the risk of damages being claimed from you for a consideration, which is usually called a 'premium.'.There are different types of liability insurance, which is part of general insurance. In business it could be availed of to cover 'premises liability,' that is, accidents or injury sustained by another on your business premises.

Others include directors and officer's liability, employer liability, and professional (malpractice) liability. It pays for the loss of the third party but doesn't cover your damages or personal injury.It is mandatory that drivers carry liability insurance. If you are hit by another vehicle, that party's liability insurance pays for your damages.

But what happens if that person doesn't have one? This is a realistic scenario in Los Angeles, where one out of three drivers don't have liability insurance, according to police estimates. It is generally considered that people without insurance normally do not have meaningful assets. In such cases you will be protected if you have Uninsured Motorist Insurance (UMI). There are two parts to it ? personal injury and property damage. Both can be covered.

To encourage drivers to obtain liability insurance, a low-cost scheme for those who have no more than one endorsement on their licenses has been introduced in Los Angeles and San Francisco, through government initiatives.How much liability insurance should you have? It depends on your risk perception. Liability insurance is not very costly, and the difference in premium for enhancing the coverage is not in direct proportion to the increase in amount.

If the charge for a $100,000 policy is X, augmenting it to $200,000 does not require Xx2. It is advisable to obtain cover for the cost of legal defense as well. Attorney bills can be quite high.Quotes for insurance coverage can be obtained online. Compare them. It could be beneficial to do a background search of the insurance companies you approach, or who approach you.

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By: Kevin Stith

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