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Michigan Personal Injury Lawsuits

When a party is injured or suffers damages as a result of the carelessness or negligence of another other party, a personal injury lawsuit arises. In special circumstances, like medical negligence or wrongful death, the personal injury law grants a right to an individual related to the victim to file a lawsuit on his behalf. The basis of a personal injury lawsuit is to provide compensation to the injured party for the injuries or damages suffered by him, due to the other party's negligence. Personal injury lawsuits cover a wide range of domains like all-terrain vehicle accidents, auto accidents, brain or burn injuries, dog bites, industrial accidents, sexual harassment, medical malpractice, etc.

There are two basic elements required to file a personal injury lawsuit that demands for compensation, liability, and damages. In the process of demonstrating liability, the party filing the suit must establish and prove that the person or entity charged is legally responsible for the injury caused. The damages refer to the extent of injury or loss suffered due to the defendant's negligence.

These two elements can be established on several grounds like negligence, strict liability, and deliberate wrong, with deliberate wrong being the least-used grounds for filing a lawsuit.The trend of filing a personal injury lawsuit in America is on rise these days. The conditions for filing a lawsuit vary from state to state. In the state of Michigan, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed only within three years of the accrual of the personal injury, except for special circumstances where it becomes difficult to find the cause of injury until certain period. Most people qualified to file a personal injury lawsuit lack sufficient knowledge on personal injury law to claim the full amount of entitled compensation.

Thus, considering the criticality of the situation, the best course is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to guide you in the proper direction.

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By: Ken Marlborough

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