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Net Lawman has launched affiliate programme and offers high rateof commissions

Join Net Lawman's affiliates network and start earning from Net Lawman sales. Net Lawman offer very high commission rates. . Net Lawman has the largest set of UK legal documents for business on the Internet. Net Lawman has come from nowhere to the number one slot in three years. Net Lawman now intend to keep that place, with expanding range of products and services.

Every business needs legal documents from time to time. Net Lawman's target market is small and medium sized enterprises throughout the UK. Actually, sell to English speakers all over the World and even to solicitors! The documents Net Lawman sell range from contracts of employment to shareholders' agreements and confidentiality letters.

All are drawn by Andrew Taylor or small team of solicitors and barristers. Clients love our plain English and feel confident in doing so much more without a solicitor. Documents are downloaded from web site immediately after purchase in Word compatible format for insertions and editing as necessary. Net Lawman will shortly be sending them immediately to customers' mail boxes too.

Web site is at www.NetLawman.co.uk Net Lawman give partners a tremendous deal. Net Lawman has a three level remuneration system. It is all absolutely automatic.

If someone comes to website from advertisers site and joins as an affiliate, advertisers will be credited with level two commissions on every sale. When ever one of introductions buys, advertiser even get a share of that sale too. The possibilities are vast.

There are no ifs, no buts and no snags. The full story is on web site at: http://www.netlawman.

co.uk/aff/join.php Net Lawman offering 20% basic commission, 5% for level two and 2% for level three. Anyone pays better rates.

What is more, Net Lawman has set up the affiliate promotional material so that affiliate can pick up the code immediately and simply cut and paste it into site pages. Affiliate could be earning money a few hours from now. Net Lawman has chosen to use the very best affiliate programme, so affiliate can rely on the statistics it produces. It is a third party, web based system, so affiliate can be sure stats are genuine and no one else can "steal" commission. The fit would be really good. It is a win: win situation.


By: Andrew Taylor

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