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Nevada Child Support The Silver State

No matter what state a non-custodial parent may reside, they are still responsible for making timely child support payments. The Nevada child support office will help assist a custodial parent in locating a missing parent. "This must be done first in order to establish child support!".The child support office in the state of Nevada would like for the custodial parent to establish paternity for their children once the non-custodial parent is located.

Sometimes a mother will not know who the biological father may be, therefore, a genetic test can be performed to prove the true father of the child. Once the test results are in, and they are positive, the child support office will establish child support.When establishing child support, the child support office will determine the amount of money that will be paid by the non-custodial parent. The amount of child support that will be paid will depend on the amount of Income made by the non-custodial parent.

Income such as wages from a pay check, unemployment benefits, lottery winnings, rental income, and many other source that the non-custodial parent may have. Once Nevada child support has been ordered, payments will last until the child emancipates, or when the child becomes eighteen years of age, nineteen if they are still in school full time.Many non-custodial parents who are ordered to pay child support may not abide by the child support laws. In any case, the Nevada child support offices has several methods in enforcing child support payments.

A non-custodial parent who fails to make timely child support payments may have their income withheld, reported to the Credit Bureau, have liens placed on any personal properties, suspension of licenses or permits and criminal enforcement.For more information on child support laws in the state of Nevada , please click the links below.


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By: Holcy Thompson III

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