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Real Memory Machines to Reduce Court Costs and Lawyers Fees

REAL VS. IMAGINARY MEMORY: - Research has developed a new lie detection method which could save billions of dollars and greatly minimize immoral incarceration of innocents through such travesties as the 'jailhouse confessions' created by police in L. A. which were exposed in 2003. It is not yet 100% accurate according to American Bar Association reports but it is awful close and one heck of a lot better than the court system which doesn't have to be done away with, yet. Still in conjunction with truth serum and lie detection, innocent people could be saved the awesome social and other costs of being charged in cases that are uncertain (at a minimum this should be done).

The concept rests on a part of the brain that records a real memory and that includes physical memory that can't be faked because it is outside the voluntary processes that a fraudulent person uses. We can imagine all kinds of uses of this machine that causes no damage to the brain. In areas such as mental health, relationship counseling and even workplace environments this could provide benefits and cost savings. McKnight's 'volunteerism' that models the old extended family could work and has been able to work despite forces arraigned against him. The bureaucrats would never want to be asked whether or not they knew what they are talking about, though. For this and similar reasons such as politicians being asked to take this test by the electorate, we can visualize some hesitancy in making use of it.

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By: Robert Baird

Law Enforcement

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