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Should All Franchise Lawyers Be Culled to Protect the Industry

One recent comment from a Franchising Executive when asked what is wrong with franchising today stated matter of factly; "All the G-Damn Lawyers!" This sentiment seems to echo throughout the franchising community and comments such as this can be heard under the breath of all those in the know.The Franchise lawyers seem to be so out of touch with reality that they have bound the hands of both franchisees and franchisors from being able to work together, thus coming in between the franchise relationship to such a large degree that conducting business is nearly impossible; they are disruptive and hurt all franchise relationships and need to be cut off as they are an unnecessary expense; a totally self serving group.So should all franchise lawyers be culled? Well my personal (opinion) take on it is; "NO" they should not cull only the franchise lawyers. Why be industry specific, the lawyers aren't, as they chase ambulances one day and franchisees or franchisors the next. The in-house council Franchise Attorneys are completely professional parasites in the franchising industry, with a completely skewed view of the world and their high salaries raise costs to franchisees and their rhetoric, boilerplate documents are generally flawed and dangerous.

Sure they dress nice, buy nice wine and pretend to be intelligent as they strut around, pick their noses and rub them under the seats of their BMW 7 series for the car wash employees to deal with, but other than that, they are pretty worthless in my opinion. Most franchisee attorneys are dogs, always looking for the big kill, which only adds costs to the franchise system and ends up hurting the franchisees of the system; they are a hypocritical group indeed. No one wins, but them and they clearly do not give a crap, you should hear them talk, acting as if they care, they crooks in my opinion, scraping the crème for themselves so they can see a play and have expensive dinners on your retainer fees.

Then there is the high-priced boiler-plate bandits; franchisor attorneys, in which a franchisor must pay extortion fees to, so they can be protected against the franchisee attorneys filing cases just make stuff up. But if you do not pay the franchisor attorneys the franchisees attorneys will steal you blind. All franchise attorneys suck and are professional parasites in our industry.One recent franchise executive said lawyers add on average $10,000 per franchise, per term.

Guess who pays? Everyone. Consumers of products and services of franchisees, franchise buyers, franchisors and our economy, all so these self serving scoundrels can rape the franchise community for fees and high salaries.They claim you need them to protect you, but from who? Other attorneys? Look all these thieves are in it together after hijacking the industry and the law and they report to no one and play above the law.

You would be better off with the Mafia, paying them for protection. These franchise attorneys make doing business so tough that you nearly have to call them up to make sure it is okay to use the rest room. I say flush them all, it is time we stopped putting up with their crap.So should all franchise attorneys be culled to protect this virus from spreading? Of course but why limit such a plan to "franchise" attorneys? This is my opinion as a Franchisor and I declare my comments free speech and this article freedom of the press. Deal with it, while thinking about it.


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By: Lance Winslow

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