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Stopping Foreclosure on Your Home

Unexpected problems ? job loss, divorce, medical bills ? can make it impossible for you to stay current make on your mortgage payments. This default may cause your lender to start foreclosure proceedings. At Resolve Legal, we provide Washington stop foreclosure help to homeowners in the Puget Sound area.

This article briefly explains how foreclosures work and how we stop them. Foreclosure Defined Foreclosure is a legal process used by a lender to have a home seized and sold when the homeowner defaults on mortgage payments. The sale proceeds are used to pay off the mortgage. Foreclosure Process Explained For years our attorneys have provided Washington stop foreclosure advice to homeowners. So we're thoroughly familiar with the foreclosure process. Most Washington foreclosures are non-judicial; a court isn't involved.

Instead, the seizure and sale of the home is carried out by the lender's representative. Sometimes the sale proceeds are less that the outstanding mortgage debt. Even when that happens, the lender can't recover the additional amount from the homeowner. In our experience as attorneys providing Washington stop foreclosure advice, the time between the start of foreclosure and the sale of a home is about 120 days.

Washington Stop Foreclosure Services Faced with foreclosure, the worse thing you can do is do nothing. Because of our experience providing Washington stop foreclosure help to homeowners, we know that the early stages of mortgage delinquency are crucial. The sooner you get help, the greater your options and the more likely you can stop foreclosure. If you're facing foreclosure, don't delay. Contact an attorney providing Washington stop foreclosure advice. An attorney providing Washington stop foreclosure advice typically will take one of the following steps: ? Contact your lender and try to negotiate a payment plan that's realistic for you.

If that's not possible, the attorney providing Washington stop foreclosure advice can take the next step. ? File for bankruptcy under Chapter 13. Once the attorney providing Washington stop foreclosure advice makes this filing, an automatic stay prevents your lender from foreclosing.

Instead, a plan is created allowing you to cure the default over time. Bottom line: If you're having trouble making mortgage payments, contact an attorney providing Washington stop foreclosure help today. Don't risk losing your home.

Please visit http://www.resolvelegal.com for more information about Washington Stop Foreclosure.

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