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There are certain bases which the Social Security use in order to determine the amount of benefits to be released for each of their member. The Social Security Benefit is based on factors such as date of birth of members, the type of benefit applied for, the amount of earnings and the length of employment. All these factors are considered in determining the Social Security Benefits and the Medicare benefits.

Other bases for determining Social Security Benefits are the so-called Social Security Credits. As members of Social Security you get credit points for your earnings. $900 in earnings can earn a member one credit.

A member has the chance to earn up a maximum of four credits in a year. However, the amount of earnings needed to obtain one credit is not a constant that is why every year there is an increase for the amount of earnings required for one credit. The most number of credits required is forty which is about ten years to accumulate.

These credits are needed in order for a member to become eligible for benefits. The disability and the survivor benefits usually require a much lower number of credits.

However, extra credits obtained during your working lifetime, does not in any way indicate that members are to receive additional benefits.

Nonetheless, an increase in your Social Security contribution may increase your benefits. For those who may have queries and may want to know your detailed estimate of your Social Security Retirement, Disability and Survivorship Benefits you may try to visit or call the Social Security Administration. You may be made to fill up a Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement.

This statement is available by completing and submitting a form SSA-7004 to the Social Security Administration. The Social Security in return would just mail to you your requested statement.

The Social Security Benefits are usually based on the averaged total earnings over the members working years. Moreover, the Social Security makes use of a formula in determining the amount of benefits to be given to each of their members. And as a standard rule about 42% of you earning goes to your Social Security Benefits. Such is a small price to pay for a great packaged of future benefits.

The Social Security has already provided 44 million Americans with various Social Security Benefits. The Social Security was created to provide a safety net for all citizens of United States.

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By: Jinky C. Mesias

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