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Trasylol Lawyers Protect Yourself from Trasylol

Now being defended by Trasylol lawyers throughout the country in 78 lawsuits since pulling Trasylol blood thinner from the shelves in November, Bayer is in a world of trouble. Research in Canada found links between Trasylol and uncalled for deaths when using it for blood thinning, the FDA relented and agreed in September 2007 that the medication was in need of a recall. The clincher is that Trasylol was known, for years prior to its recall, to be a possibly deadly medication.

According to a cited statistic, 22,000 lives may have been lost as a direct link to Trasylol use in open-heart surgeries. Trasylol affects the way in which blood clots. It is administered to patients who are undergoing open heart surgery. Aprotinin, another name for Trasylol, is mainly used during repeat coronary artery bypass surgery to reduce the amount of bleeding both during and after surgery.

This reduces the amount of blood transfusion required. However, this drug comes with massive side effects that Trasylol lawyers are trying to prove the links to. In January 2006, the New England Journal of Medicine reported some disturbing information about Trasylol use in a study of 4,400 heart patients: Trasylol increases the risk of heart attack 48 percent, Trasylol increases heart failure by 109 percent, & Trasylol increases the danger of stroke by 181 percent. Many people may be suffering the dangerous side effects of Trasylol used during their heart surgery. Unfortunately, most people don't know if they were given Trasylol during their surgery since their physician made the decision whether or not to use Trasylol.

Do you know what kind of drugs you were administered in past surgeries? Were you even given a decision to make in regards to the drug you would be taking? A Trasylol Lawyer can help you find out if you were given Trasylol and help you understand your legal rights if you suffer from kidney failure, heart attack or stroke. An example of the types of cases that our Trasylol lawyers are seeing: A man was administered Trasylol after his heart bypass surgery and now has kidney failure requiring dialysis 3 days a week. This patient never had kidney problems before being given this drug. He was in good health aside from needing bypass surgery. Now, he also has arterial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. He has been in and out of the hospital for months now and now feels Trasylol has robbed him of his quality of life.

His family feels like the Bayer Corp. is killing their father and believes there are many who don't even know their problems are due to Trasylol. This family told our Trasylol lawyers that they didn't even know about Trasylol until someone told them to look it up.

Our Trasylol lawyers are doing everything in their power to get the information about Trasylol out in the public so no ones else suffers like this family did. If you or a loved one has suffered from any of the possible harmful effects of Trasylol, such as kidney problems, heart attack or stroke, you may be entitled to file a legal claim against the drugs manufacturer.

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