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Vioxx Recall Lawsuits

Vioxx Recall Lawsuits

The drug Vioxx is a COX-2 inhibitor designed by the company Merck Inc. It was ordered to be pulled from American and European markets on April 7th 2005 after it was discovered that there were potentially deadly side effects from its use.

Doctors and researchers both believed that the drug Vioxx could cause cardiovascular problems and recently a Texas jury awarded a $253.4 million wrongful death settlemtn to the widow of a man who allegedly died from Vioxx-related complications.

Experts will now agree that Merck knew of the danger the Vioxx presented, but instead chose to market the drug as a safe way to reduce pain and inflammation. This terrible misjudgment has lead to a variety of dangerous and deadly complications including deep vein thrombosis, stroke, pulmonary embolism, blood clots and other serious heart damage.

Currently there are 4200 pending lawsuits filed against Merck.

Friends and families of Vioxx victims must attempt to pick up their shattered lives and face the reality that negligence, deception and greed have robbed them of their loved ones. Merck gambled with the pharmaceutical industry and lost.

If you believe that you may be affected with Vioxx complications please take a stand. Drug makers are hoping that victims of Vioxx will remain silent due to fear and intimidation. A Vioxx lawsuit might be the most effective way to show Merck and other drug makers that they must be accountable for their actions.

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