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We Are a Nation of Laws But is That a Positive Thing

The United States of America is a Nation of Laws, yet does that mean our goal should be to make more laws and continue to stifle our freedoms with an unending storm surge from the blob of bureaucracy? Indeed it makes sense to look at the laws already on the books and see which ones need to come off and which laws we no longer have the desire or money to enforce; call it the red magic marker committee. But how can this be done?.Well I have a few ideas on this and so I am glad you asked me.

You see, I believe there needs to be laws too and the first law I propose is a law that if the Congress or Senate passes a law they need to remove ten laws somewhere on the books we do not need and well, eliminate them. I also believe that when any government agency makes a regulation, they too need to go through all their laws and take off ten of the old laws.Eventually we will get to a point where the law will be simple and then we will need less lawyers and fewer lawmakers to run our smaller government you see? What does all this mean to the small businessman, citizen and corporation? Well it means greater chances for success in a small business of your own. It means living free for the citizen without the debris of the government constantly telling you what you can and cannot do.For the corporation it means less over regulation, less off-shoring of jobs and more capital flows to business.

Now then what are the drawbacks to this idea? Well only one; we have not started it yet. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

Law Enforcement

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