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Zicam Side Effects Shortens Colds But Permanently Destroys

Zicam is a homeopathic intranasal zinc remedy that is intended to reduce the length of a cold. It is either taken in a spray or a swab. However, many users of Zicam are complaining of anosmia which is a loss of smell and consequently diminishment or loss of taste. Although scientists have long know about the potential harm of zinc and that applying zinc to the nasal cavity damages or destroys nasal nerves, Matrixx Initiatives, the manufacturer of Zicam, has not properly warned users about this life-altering side effect.

Anosmia symptoms (loss of smell and taste) have lasted for years after the cold subsided, negating the argument that since diminished sense of smell is a symptom of the common cold, that the cold and not Zicam was to blame.

Scientists have known since the 1930s when intranasal zinc was applied as a possible method of preventing polio that it causes significant nasal nerve damage that can lead to a loss of smell. A lawyer who specializes in pursuing defective product cases, medical malpractice cases, or personal injury cases can help you if you wish to take a lawsuit against Matrixx Initiatives. You may be entitled to financial compensation.

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By: Margaret Wommack

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