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Dont Sit On Your Copyright Infringement Claim - When someone infringes your copyright, you have a limited time to make your claim.

Franchise Agreements and Attorney Trickery - Often a franchisee who has failed to uphold their promises in a franchise agreement due to lack of integrity, poor work ethic or simply piss poor performance and lack of business acumen will fail.

The Inventors Dilemma - So you've done your homework (or are planning on being diligent about it at least).

Reasons Why You Should Have a Living Trust - If you?ve ever thought about a living trust, it?s probably because you hate the idea of going through probate.

Legal Malpractice - Legal malpractice stands for the unethical practices in providing the expected standard of service by the attorney.

Ouch Bankruptcy is Expensive - Thinking about filing for bankruptcy? There are significant upfront costs.

Deeds Variation The Year Rule - Introduction.

Franchise Attorney Very Well Known Dies - Recently a well-known Franchise Attorney Died.

Accident Injury Claims Done Right - When dealing with a car accident, finding and hiring a qualified attorney can help you a great deal.

Why Are DUI Sobriety Checkpoints Constitutional - Have you ever wondered how police can stop you at a DUI roadblock (aka "sobriety checkpoint")? Doesn't the Constitution require them to have "probable cause before stopping you"? Yes and no, explains Lawrence Taylor who heads up a team of Californ.

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