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Filing a Case Against Canine Bite Injuries - Man?s best friend can be man?s worst enemy.

THE BASIS FOR SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS - There are certain bases which the Social Security use in order to determine the amount of benefits to be released for each of their member.

The Worth of Your Personal Injury Claim - Knowing the worth of your accident injuries is a critical part of every accident claim.

How To Incorporate Yourself Without A Lawyer - You could save hundreds of dollars by incorporating yourself without a lawyer.

Franchise Outlet Site Selection and the Franchise Agreement - We have all heard the phrase; location, location, location.

Choosing An Estate Planning Attorney - If you have decided to put your affairs in order and finally accept the fact that estate planning is something most of us would be better off having than not, the next thing you might be wondering about is how to choose an estate planning attorney.

Converting Formats Should Be Legal - This is the official stance of K.

Intellectual Property Trade Marks Goodwill - In Newman Ltd v Adlem (2005), the Court of Appeal held that there was a duty on the seller of a business not to undermine the goodwill attached to that business (if included in the sale) even after the non-competition covenants in the sale agreeme.

Bankruptcy Reform Can Assist Homeowners From Foreclosure - Article discusses Chapter 13 bankruptcy reform as an option to help homeowners save their homes from foreclosure.

Have You Drafted a Power of Attorney - In these unsettled times, it's the sign of a smart business.

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