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Intellectual Property Patent Infringement - In the case of Agilent Technologies Deutschland GmbH v Waters Ltd (2005), the claimant, the proprietor of a European patent for a pump and control system, brought proceedings against the defendant for patent infringement.

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia - ?I invoke the genius of Constitution.

Challenges to Blood Alcohol Test Results in DUI Cases Mounting - Blood alcohol or breath alcohol content test results have always been a potential weak point in DUI prosecutions.

Atlanta Lawyers - Whether it is a personal injury case involving an automobile accident, a compensation case against the company or a real estate case entailing property disputes, there is no shortage of lawyers in Atlanta who can fight your case for you.

State Citizenship Is Alive And Well - Did the 14th Amendment do away with State Citizenship?.

Attorneys Always Looking for the Next Pigeon - Lawyers they are everywhere, screwing over everyone.

Net Lawman has launched affiliate programme and offers high rateof commissions - Join Net Lawman's affiliates network and start earning from Net Lawman sales.

What you are doing if you are charged With a Crime - After the hearing the judge will consider all evidence presented and then make a decision regarding your sentencing.

Why Injured Accident Victims Are Never Millionaires - How many times have you read the headlines in the newspaper "Man wins $20 Million," "Woman awarded $35 Million Dollars after slipping on banana peel," "Jury verdict of $17 Million for brain damaged infant.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers - The term ?locking the stable after the horse has bolted? certainly applies to medical malpractice suits.

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